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Enjoy exploring the mystic city of Esfahan that boasts of many attractions. Travel around the famous Sheikh-Lotfollah, one of the most revered religious sites at Iran. Tourists love to roam about the famous castle, Chehel Sotun. It is also a major architectural beauty at Iran. Experience the magic and culture, weaving its way around your heart as you visit the Esafahan also houses the most famous Naqsh-e-Jahan Square. You must also visit other major sites like Atashgah, a famous monument; Royal Mosque, Aali Qapu Palace, the most famous attraction point of Shaking Minarets. Iran has plenty of attractions that would intrigue as well as interest you.

Visit the enchanting Anglican Church of St Simon the Zealot. Or spend some time at the famous sites like Aramgah-e Hafez, Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh, Armenian Church and the famous gardens like Bagh-e Eram, Bagh-e Jahan Nama, Bagh-e Naranjestan, Bagh-e Nazar. You can also go shopping at the famous Bazar-e Nou or Bazar-e Vakil for the most awesome prized handicrafts and other goods.

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